SMSF Accounting & Administration

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Administration and Audit
  • Accumulation funds
  • Pension funds
  • Hybrid funds
  • Defined benefit funds
  • Segregated investment funds
  • Electronic storage of SMSF records
  • Maintenance of member components and preservation status
  • Preparation of minutes and supporting documentation
  • Preparation of lump sum, rollover, pension commencement and pension commutation documentation
  • Calculation of allowable pension levels
  • Optimisation of income tax obligations
  • Preparation and submission of PAYG summaries and statements (where client is not a tax agent)
  • Maintenance of capital gains tax records
  • Provision of annual deed rule upgrades
  • Facilitation of actuarial certificate and solvency certificate if applicable
  • Publication of financial reports on the secure section of the website
  • Publication of SMSF records on the secure section of the website
  • Delivery of annual financial statements and financial reports
  • Maintenance of reserves
  • Preparation of accounting and audit workpapers
  • Lodgement of ongoing tax obligations (activity statements)
  • Preparation of SMSF annual returns
  • Lodgement of SMSF annual returns (where client is not a tax agent)
  • Completion of compliance review and creation of compliance deficiency redress documentation
  • Notification of compliance deficiencies
  • Completion of audit reports

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